Basic info on the hotels in the UK

Holidays, especially in this day and age, are something to be taken very seriously. People live under such a stress at work and everywhere else that many count down the days for months before they can finally unwind with their loved ones somewhere abroad. This is hardly news, as vacations are the best way for a person to experience something new, visit a place they have never been to and get acquainted with a certain culture. Britain is certainly among the most popular countries in the world, but things with regard to location get a bit trickier once you realize that the UK is a lot more than just London and that there are many cities you could and should visit and learn about.

This is where vacation planning kicks in. Britain is fairly large, but isn’t particularly vast, so you can travel from one city to another by train easily. You can also purchase the train tickets with no sweat, but one thing to bear in mind about this kind of a trip is the accommodation. In this article we will briefly discuss hotels in Britain and hopefully inform you on some of the basics.

Before 19th century there weren’t many hotels in the UK. Things started changing during the Victorian period, with monumental buildings such as the legendary Savoy and Langham, then Ritz and every other hotel. Today there are almost 100 five-star hotels in London alone, not to mention the overall number across the country.

In fact, the hotel industry in the UK is extremely potent today and one of the main sources of income for the entire country. Each of the 86 counties spanning across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland has a large number of hotels and places to stay, in general.

Since, beside the large cities, there are also countless beautiful small places in the UK to visit, the most obvious advice is to go online and find an all-encompassing website that will be able to familiarize you with all potentially brilliant places to visit and the accommodation there. Of course, make sure you go for the good, old, star rating, since not all hotels are the same. Another thing to bear in mind is the price – since there are so many hotels everywhere, chances are many of them will be vying for your attention, offering special discounts for groups, kids, elderly couples, staying on weekdays, etc.

Once you choose which county to focus on, look for that specific county on any of the websites you’ve picked. Any solid hotel search engine will immediately list all the hotels with available rooms, the price range and other benefits they might offer. Also make sure you find a good search engine that will be able to list hotels offering whatever you might be interested in, from saunas and swimming pools, to proximity to a ski slope, and so on. Once you do all this, you will easily find the right hotel for you.

Some stuff to know about tourism in the UK

Great Britain is a stunning country through and through. It is important to emphasize this because whenUK-hotels-2 you talk about the UK, everyone will tell you about how much they love London, but other major cities, even Manchester and Glasgow, are rarely mentioned. This is a great pity, as the entire country is absolutely breathtaking and more than worth visiting. All it takes is a small peek at the internet, the galleries and encyclopedias and you will realize just how beautiful Britain is and all the reasons why you need to go visit as soon as you can.

On the other hand, if you already know all about the natural wonders, museums, and sightseeing out the United Kingdom, then this article is really for you. Throughout this article we will tell you a bit about tourism in United Kingdom. So sit back and relax because we will tell you some of the things that are important to know if you opted to travel to the United Kingdom.

The entire country is beautiful..

Will always tell you about how much they love London, but this is not even scratching the surface when it comes to beauty that the United Kingdom has to offer. If you want to travel to this country, you have to know there are many beautiful cities you should visit. For example, Manchester is considered to be the capital of North. It is another culturally and historically significant, vast city in England. With beautiful architecture and incredible museums, it can be just as dashing as London. And all the things we can say about Ireland and Scotland! Glasgow and Dublin are just some of the historically pertinent, interesting cities for the tourists.

Getting around is easy..

One might think it is difficult to travel from one city to another within the UK. This, however, is not the case. Trains and buses run from one city to another continually and almost on a minutely basis. Besides you can purchase the tickets in advance and get really good offers and bonuses, all while saving money. Then again, it buses or trains seem to take away too much time, or present too much of a hassle, you can always choose to fly between the cities, especially if you’re flying to Ireland or Scotland. Most local companies offer really, really cheap rates, and this kind of traveling with saving a lot of time, too.

The hotels are splendid everywhere..

We simply cannot stress this enough. If there is one thing that the British hold dear to them, then it’s their posh hospitality. This means that, wherever you go, you will be greeted by the locals, and not only that, but you also get to enjoy great accommodation at reasonable prices. Of course, there is even more to all of this, since you should never forget about the local cuisine. Most of the major cities, and even some of the smaller ones, offer all sorts of food and beverages that you will enjoy as a tourist.

Things to have in mind about British hotels

Here’s the deal — the United Kingdom it is a staggeringly beautiful country, with incredible scenerUK-hotels-6y, museums and architecture, historical monuments, and simply hospitable people, who are looking to provide their tourists with the best time possible. Nevertheless, it is hardly a secret to say that the UK is very expensive. It’s not exactly as expensive as many other countries, but people there are where of how much money the tourism brings every year, and they won’t let you just stay anywhere for really cheap.

The good news is this is not the end of the world, as there are many cheap hotels and other forms of accommodation you can find all over the UK; because, at the end of the day, it’s not a five star hotels you’re after — it’s the best vacation possible. And with our little guide you will soon realize that the best way to really experience a country is to immerse yourself in its culture fully, something you will be able to do only when you find a nice, small, cozy hotel, capable of answering all your holiday needs. So read on, and learned that all the ways you can have fun with your accommodation in the United Kingdom.

Discard the star ratings

A truly well-kept secret most managers will fail to tell you is that the notorious star rating of the hotels in the UK is surely obsolete. This means that many cheap hotels that are new happen to be just as cozy and just as luxurious as the old five star hotels. This is why it’s very important for you to engage in as much research as you can, because only display will be able to compare all the hotel to catch her eye and find the ones that are cheapest and offer the best service.

Smaller, in this case, actually means ‘better’

What do we mean by this? Actually, with the hospitable, interesting country, such as the UK, it is really important to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. This means it is very likely you will have a lot more fun just saying at a bungalow in a smaller town in the suburbs, or a country house that happens to be available for rent. This way you will learn a lot about the culture first-hand.

Always check for bonuses and discounts

In reality, most people find it easier just to pay a travel agent to arrange everything for their vacation. Sure enough, this is the easiest way to go about it, but it’s far from the cheapest, because travel agent and agencies in general will charge a lot of money just to direct you to the most expensive hotels they have deals with. If you choose to search on your own, which we wholeheartedly recommend, you will find many websites with hotels that offer special discounts for families or for long stays. Of course, this varies from one hotel to another, but is certainly worth a try.